WED AND WALK              

Let's get married for a day!

A great way to remember your love in Amsterdam!



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Quote: "I urge anybody visiting Amsterdam with a loved one to get married for a day, it was a truly unique experience! I thought it would be a great suprise to get married again. I was right as the wedding was a complete success! Big thank you to Wed and Walk for making our final evening in Amsterdam so unforgettable." Denholm & Fiona

Wed and Walk will 'marry' the two of you, not legally binding of course, but with everything a real wedding needs! The fairy tail lasts until the sun sets the next morning... then you are free as a bird again! You don't need to prepare anything but your reservation! last minute bookings, text us and we'll try to make it happen!! 

Our last minute number is:  31-6-81893184

We provide : 

  • dresses (XS,S,M,L,XL) and Tail coats , veils, ties, top hats, wedding flowers etc. 
  • Lovely decorated set 
  • a ceremony with personal speech
  • rings to keep as a memento
  • a picture of your wedding kiss
  • 1 photo print , or in the longer ceremony also extra time to make a lot of photo's.
  • you can invite guests, max 4 with the €75,- ceremony and max 14 with the longer ceremonie.


  • Language:         English, Spanish. But we need to know in advance!
  •  Prices                €  100,- = 60 minutes & 1 photo printed 
  •                             € 125,- = 75 minutes 1 photo printed  & lots of  photos taken
  • Adress:              1e van der Helststraat 13, in The Pijp, near the Albert Cuijp market/city Center 
  • Open:                  every day   , by appointment only!           
  • more info          once you've booked, you get an email with all the information you need!